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Welcome to Diverse Automation.

Our Highly Educated/Trained, Experienced and Professional Team will exceed your expectations.

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We are industrial futurists.

why choose diverse automation?

At Diverse Automation, we have the expert team and the diverse skill sets needed to keep your automation project on track and profitable. If you build manufacturing systems or you are the end manufacture, we can assist your operations as a true partner.

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Automation Services

Turn your designs into reality.

Completing an automation system in the fastest time possible takes experience, creativity, and intelligence. Handed off to the right programmers from Diverse Automation, your vision will be realized as planned. That’s where Diverse excels, our automation experts can handle practically any automation task. We know how and when to ask questions, when to make suggestions and how to stay focused.

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Robot Programming

PLC Programming

Vision Programming


Automate America

Got an Engineer?

Automate America is a B2B software platform developed by a group of engineering professionals. Our goal is to provide a value added space for professionals and businesses to engage in contractual agreements without the expense of recruiters and contract houses. We provide Quality professionals at their true value. Allowing them to earn more, all while saving you money.

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