The Economic Divide and How It Will Impact The Manufacturing Workforce

Increased automation is a reality and it’s here to stay.

newly released report from McKinsey surmises tens of millions of jobs will be eliminated by 2030 because of automation. To be sure, continued modernization and advancement of manufacturing processes and automation will result in a shifting landscape for labor. 

So what do we do?

Well, we should look to our history and other countries who have some great methods for training and retraining skilled workers. Let’s open ourselves and encourage our peers to be ready and prepared to learn new skills, take on different roles and encourage that open mindset among others.

Progress is inevitable but retraining and ensuring there’s a skilled labor pool is the answer to guaranteeing these changes ultimately have a more positive than negative impact on jobs, especially domestic ones. Apprenticeship programs are one answer that should absolutely be considered through both public and private efforts.

Apprenticeship Programs

With so many options available throughout the United States and abroad, these apprenticeship programs offer the opportunity to learn new skills and programs, adapt your techniques and ultimately arm you with a more diverse ability to guarantee a job moving forward.

Examples of apprenticeship programs in South Carolina and Michigan:

Apprenticeship Carolina

Michigan Apprenticeship