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A reputation of excellence

We built our reputation one successful project after another, working with the “Big Three” Detroit automakers and their suppliers in plants all across North America. We support you and your projects from our Troy Michigan and Greer South Carolina offices.
Our team is as Diverse as our experience and our knowledge. Our engineers are from all over the North America and the World. South Africa, Canada, Mexico, China, France, Thailand, Germany. If your designs or software are written in a foreign language, we can supply you with an engineer/programmer that can
We have a highly educated staff of engineers and programmers ready to be of service. Our team can also write custom software and develop products in labview, visual basic, C++ and Matlab. Many of our team members have advanced degrees and we match those with the skill set you require.

More about Diverse

we are industrial futurists.

We are diverse automation, the leader in the automation industry

We are experienced in vision solution development, laser cutting, laser brazing, mig welding (all body) in white applications, as well as many power train and plastic applications. Our programmers are capable of programming almost any robot right out of the crate. Diverse has developed several vision guidance demo cells for automation shows in Chicago and Las Vegas. We have also written the standards for several manufactures and applications. We can manage projects of any size.

We also offer training courses to help prepare the next generation of automation engineers. Our team of programmers that solve problems in the field also serve as teachers for our Robot and PLC classes. We offer the most complete Robot and PLC integrated training available. A student that has gone through our courses is more qualified for a career in automation than most college graduates today.

meet our team

The founders

heather wallace

After attending Michigan State, Heather Wallace was a contract test engineer for wiper systems at Valeo, where she learned the importance of precision, statistics, and durability. After serving several years with Valeo, Heather started Diverse Industries. The company now operates with more than fifty contractors and employees. In 2015, Diverse Industries was rebranded as Diverse Automation, and is dedicated to forward-thinking design in a fast-paced global marketplace.

Heather enjoys hiking with her family and has indisputable patience.

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Tony wallace

Tony started his career in the automotive industry as a CNC programmer, cutting stamping dies while working his way through high school and, subsequently, engineering school. He learned the tool and die/machinist trade and also gained insight into the complete process of automobile manufacturing. Tony was later asked to be one of two programmers to start a robot group for a new Detroit Automation Company.  A few years later Tony went out as an independant contractor.  Hiring only the best programmers that he worked with, Diverse Automation was developed on the concept of treating employees and contractors much better than they are used to and always giving the customer more than they expect.

Tony is Obsessed with Diverse Automation, making it efficient, profitable and among the best place to work!  His passion for automation is amazing.

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