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We offer day and evening courses for robot, PLC, and vision Programming.

Robot Programming

While theory is important, our robotics courses have been specifically designed to enable our students to acquire useable real world skills in a short amount of time. From our initial lectures on the various coordinate systems to actually writing and implementing their own robot programs, our students learn in a hands-on environment using brand-name equipment by industry leaders such as ABB, Kuka, Fanuc and Yamaha. At Diverse we like to say, ?We don?t build robots?we bring them to life!?

PLC Programming

Even an army of robots requires a commander. Our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) courses allow the student to take charge of it and more! From working with simple digital inputs and outputs to interfacing with servo motors and operator interfaces, our students quickly acquire PLC skills that can be put to immediate use in the field.  Using the best in hardware from Allen-Bradley and Siemens, our PLC courses prepare students for a lifelong journey through the ever advancing world of industrial technology.

Vision Programming

It?s said that, ?Seeing is believing.? If robots could talk they would agree, as even they at times need the sense of sight to successfully fulfil their duties. Sometimes even more advanced vision methods are required to inspect and validate a condition that may have deceived the eyes of the average person. We use the latest technology in our vision courses to educate our students in this specialty field.

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