Case Study

Cycle Time

The problem

Cycle time

Our customer was spending unnecessary capital on overtime, due to high-volume requests from their OEM customer. Their production process was already 90% robot-controlled, and the operator impact on cycle time was minimized using all of the lean tools available. In order to maintain an adequate flow of material to their customer, our client was working 7 days a week to supply 6 days of goods.

The solution

Robot Path Optimization

The Diverse Automation team reviewed the process and developed some ideas to reduce the robot cycle time in order to increase productivity. Our engineers changed the robot’s path and speed throughout the production process. The end result was a 15-second improvement in cycle time, which was a 17% time savings in the overall process. The ROI on the evaluation and robot programming implementation was achieved in mere days, and our client no longer needs to run overtime to meet the OEM needs. This now allows time for preventative maintenance and other activities which were simply not possible in the past.

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The results

Increased productivity  •  Reduced OT  •  Increased PM

The results are in the numbers. Take a look and see what we helped them accomplish.


increase in factory productivity


reduction in operator overtime


increase in machine availability for maintenance