Machining and Fabrication


Details, Fixtures, Assemblies, Weldments, Robot End of Arm Tools, Part Nests, Stamping / Injection Dies up to 50″.  

Contract Mechanical Design / CAD CAM.

Custom one off parts to quantities of 1,000 or more! We have 3 six axis robots, conveyors and machine vision inspection stations ready to process your high-volume part runs instantly.  

Milling, Turning and Grinding.

CNC Vertical Mills/CNC Turning Center/Manual Lathe/Laser Cutting/Laser Engraving/Press Brake/Sheer machines available.

Fabrication, System Frames, Machine Bases, Tooling Fixtures, Part Nests and Weldments / GTAW and GMAW.

Reverse Engineering, Part with no Mechanical Design Print? No Problem, We will Laser Scan your parts and return an exact 3D .STP file. Then we can will mill or fabricate as many as you need. We can also re-engineer the part and increase the product life cycle!

With a well-established network of coating, plating and heat treat sources we will deliver to your exact requirements.

Primary customers are large tier 1 automotive suppliers though customers from all industries are welcome.  We proudly accept work from all industries and from around the globe.


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