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Our vision systems can improve the quality of your product and increase your bottom line. Vision systems from Diverse Automation can help you save time and money and increase your adaptability and flexibility.

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Vision, Robot Guidance, Inspection and Code Reading

For systems that require less complexity, we use Keyence sensors. We also have experience with ISRA, INOS and “Vision Tools.”

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Here’s A sample of what Diverse Automation can do for you.

A recent system designed and built by Diverse Automation used two large-capacity industrial robots and a single camera 3D vision system combined with force control software to unload and combine two large product components with speed, accuracy, and worker safety.

The Results:

were freed up to move on to other less-physical tasks


after the job, The client reached FULL ROI

We did it for them. We can do it for you.

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our recent case studies Increase productivity • maximize robotic efficiency • improve your bottom line.

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